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Working with only the major manufacturers in the hearing aid industry, we bring you the best hearing aid models and technology to fit your budget. We also have state-of-the-art equipment and trained, experienced staff to test, fit, and verify your hearing aid performance so you get the best fit. We also provide counseling on cleaning and maintaining your hearing aid instruments.

In House repair lab ($50.00 to $250.00)


Optional Payment Plans — call us for more information

  -  Sound protection plugs

  -  Swim plugs

  -  Musician plugs with sound filters

  -  Earpieces for iPods, Bluetooth phones,

      and stethoscopes

  -  BTE molds for hearing aids

Earmolds available

- Amplified telephones

- FM transmitter systems

- Infrared systems

- Alerting and signaling devices for doorbells, telephone ringers, and alarm clocks

Assistive Listening Devices

The audiometric evaluation consists of testing pure tone air , as well as bone conduction thresholds.  Speech discrimination scores are obtained to give a better understanding of what we can do with the loss. Typanometry will help to diagnose any middle ear problems which may need a physician referral.

Audiometric Evaluations

Hearing Aid Sales and Service

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